Co-founder at Logic Ember, developed and published Backworlds on Steam. Released February 20th, 2020. Worked on game design, level design, UI design, LUA scripting and art.


Gameplay Designer on Syndicate (2012, EA) at Starbreeze Studios. Planned and scripted mechanics and encounters in two levels and a boss fight available in the final release.

Ludosity Prototypes

Solo developed 2,5 day rapid prototypes based on ideas from the company staff.


Hobby prototype submitted to IGF 2009. Built in C#/XNA.

Game Jams

No More Sweden 2017 – Airlock
Global Game Jam 2017 (Malta) – Storylines
No More Sweden 2012 – Pumpion
Enterhake 2012 – Gröna Faran
Global Game Jam 2011 (Auckland, New Zealand) – Exdrinktion
No More Sweden 2010 – Silvio Berlusconi’s Roid Rage
Global Game Jam 2010 – Fake
Assemblee (TIGSource Forums) 2009 – Backworld
Ludum Dare – TravelAgent